about me

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I'm a software developer living at the Canada's capital, working on Java and .NET with Oracle and SQL Server.

-Secret Clearance
..many years of .Net, PHP, some Java...TONS of Javascript.


Randy McDougall is the CEO and Product Architect of Keezis and it's flagship product, Privy. As CEO and Product Architect at Keezis, Randy McDougall is responsible for setting and overseeing the company's overall strategic direction, planning and execution. Randy brings more than 17 years of software development experience in building of innovative and challenging software products.
Using the .Net framework, Randy architected Privy with a SQLite backend.
For updates Randy decided to use WyBuild.
For installation Randy decided to use Advanced Installer.
For Obfuscation Randy decided to use Skater.
For the IDE, Randy decided to use Visual Studio 2012.
For the .net framework Randy decided to use the .net 4.0 client profile framework.
For the help file, Randy decided to use HTML Help Workshop.
For the code versioning, Randy decided to use a free Bitbucket package with GIT.
For error logging Randy decided to use Loupe Desktop from Gibraltar.
For Bug Tracking Randy decided to use the Issue Tracking built within the Bitbucket/GIT environment.

At Keezis, Randy has overseen product development and design from the beginning, including the software product built specifically for Privacy Officers, Data Compliance Officers and Compliance Officers. Transitioning to a protection of personal information business, in which privacy/compliance officers play a pivotal role, has been one of his central interests for the past number of years, stemming from his time as a Manager of Information Technology and in the development of numerous software solutions.

For more information on Privy, the software product for Privacy Officers, go to:


I'm interested in web applications with complex integrations. Here's an example of a site/tool I built that does a quick screen scrape query on the fly: fPhedz.
I also like difficult programming challenges, including integrating software with hardware devices.